150 Years Ago Today

Grand Ecore Red River, La.
April 17, 1864
Dear Friends at home:—
I take my pen in hand for to write you a few lines and let you know that I am well and doing well. You will probably hear ere this reaches you that Banks had fought a big battle and got whipped well. I weill tell you the part we played in it. When the 19, 13 and 16 Corps left this place on the 7th of this month, the 17th Corps, or what was here of it, six regiments started up the river on the fleet. Some boats had 30 men, some 100. As a guard to the boats we had some gun boats, the Lexington, no. 1, 6, 13, 50 the monitor Neosa, and one or two others I did not learn the names of. We had a 100 pound Parrot on a barge and a lot of mortars and in all not more than 3000 men. The river is very crooked and narrow and we made slow progress. On the evening of the 8th the negroes told us that our men were a fighting at Mansfield a days march from that place. Here we should have waited till we heard from how the day went, but we pushed on till we came to where the rebels had sunk the boat New Fall City, across the river to stop our progress. We were making preparations for to tear her out of the way when 40 Cavalry brought us a dispatch to fall back to Grand Ecore. Continue reading